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WA Evergreen painting

WA Evergreen painting

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A fun, little reminder from The Evergreen State, a WA painting with the essence of evergreen.  These little guys are rough and raw but so sweet at the same time.  These are truly one of a kind.  Each one is created entirely out of repurposed wood- imperfect, handpainted, and full of love! ♡

Hand-painted art in a modern, distressed fashion on wood.  The frames are crafted with repurposed wood which means they are each unique with each frame having different rustic worn and marred spots.

+ The painting in this image may not necessarily be the one available for purchase.  Every painting has a bit different distressing on the face as well as the frame.  Please note these hand-lettered paintings are each unique: no two paintings are alike and each is distressed, a little worn, and full of character.  If you are desiring artwork that is perfect and free from mars, this is NOT the artwork for you! ◡̈

Measures approximately 6 1/2"x 6 1/2".  Made entirely with repurposed wood.

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