Goat Art
Goat Art

Goat Art

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Meet the newest addition's to the trueREDbetty family, Billy Goat and Nan the Goat!  "Goat Art??", you say?  Yep,  goat art- why not?  Just look at the awesome shape of their silhouette and you can't help but smile.  Billy's got it going with his horns while Nan is the playful, gentle type.  Take your pick- both Billy and Nan are housebroken, they won't break a thing or eat a bite!  

Hand painted art in a modern, distressed fashion on wood.  The frames are crafted with repurposed wood which means they are each unique with each frame having different rustic worn and marred spots.  

+ The painting in this image may not necessarily be the one available for purchase.  Every painting has a bit different distressing on the face as well as the frame.  Please note these handlettered paintings are each unique: no two paintings are alike and each is distressed, a little worn and full of character.  If you are desiring artwork that is perfect and free from mars, this is NOT the artwork for you! ◡̈

Measures approximately 12" x 12" with a wire hanger on the back.  Due to the time to handcraft each painting, the turnaround time may be 1-2 weeks. 

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